About Active Vita

We're a family-run business based in Singapore. Our mission is to make sports nutrition easy to understand, practical to use and pretty darn effective. We design and develop our own science-led, nutritional products that carry the highest levels of natural nutrients. We aim to help you fuel smart, so you can be your best more often and when it counts.

Why did we develop these products?

One of our co-founders is an avid mountain runner, triathlete, and a certified Ironman performance, strength & conditioning and nutrition coach. His fuel sources on the trails were peanut butter sandwiches, nuts, dates, Turkish delights and water. He noticed that these could be bulky and heavy when on the go. He also tried his fair share of sports and nutritional products.

He realised a good amount of electrolytes and proper conditioning helped reduce cramps, particularly on his longer sessions. However, he always felt something was amiss with the products he bought, i.e., not enough fuel or electrolyte content yet price point was still high, unpleasant flavours, mixability was off, or they were excessive in colour and other non-essential ingredients and fillers. 

We developed our product range with a higher carbohydrate and electrolyte  content than any other sports drink currently on the market with unique yet natural and subtle favouring. No additional salt or electrolyte tablets need to be added - saving your pocket and the frustrations of mixing multiple products. Even if you sweat a lot or train in extreme heat, our drink will keep you going with less worry about cramping. With our drink mix you have less things to remember to pack and carry in your training or event day nutrition bag as we have put quite a punch into the product for you. 

This drink was tested only on humans (our friends) for use in their endurance, ultra-endurance and intermittent sports, and they loved its effectiveness and simplicity. We hope that you will enjoy our products too and get the performance you are after to enjoy your activity that much more. 

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