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This is no nonsense. I have been using this for a few weeks and it is now my choice of fuel for ironman training when on the bike. I am able to clear nearly 90g of fuel/hr - not done that before! I do use +700ml bottles. Looking forward to seeing what's coming next on your product line.


My sport is swimming and I have to be very particular about my nutrition considering I am horizontal 80% of the time in the water... it seems to refuel me quicker between sets which means my work rate is stronger at subsequent sets... no stomach issues between laps... particularly for the intense laps. All the sessions have felt good and I am a happy returning client.


90km bike followed by 30km run. I loaded up on the bike and had no gut issues when getting off for the run. The drink sat really well in the gut with no issues when transitioning to the run. Carried a drink flask on the run with this inside too and it worked sooo good!


I cycle +225km a week in Singapore and I sweat a lot in the humidity. So it’s very important I get enough fuel on the rides. Not heard of you guys before but glad I tried. Just ordered another 3 bags of the grape. This is now my go to for endurance rides. Nice easy flavour too. Jeg liker virkelig dette produktet


I just did another 70.3 and had a Pb on the ride and run... I only used the drink mix on the bike... Probably the best fuelled race I’ve ever had. Flavour takes getting used to as I am used to the sweeter drinks but this is nicer on the longer durations than any of the sweet stuff out there.


As an expat in Singapore I struggle with the heat and cramping...tried this as it said it had high electrolytes and carbohydrates. I'm very happy! now using this for my long runs and speed work on the tracks. I did my fastest 400m splits this weekend and was able to do a few more when in the past I would struggle towards the end. I had no signs of cramping either.


Mastering Your Nutrition Strategy

You train hard but do you fuel smart? We composed a very specific multiple-carbohydrate formula that allows you to increase your energy per hour, whilst on the go. Giving you more energy to go further and faster, whilst reducing the chances of gastrointestinal issues (GI).

You will get maximum bang per sip whether you mix single, double or higher dosages per hour.

Electrolytes improve your hydration status, maintain focus, and may help reduce those DNF cramps. The amino acids (BCAA) will rebuild those worked muscles getting you ready for the next session.

Keeping Things Simple

Our products are lean and clean, so you only get the good stuff. We use ingredients you can pronounce and avoid any artificial nasties. We have taken the stress out of having to add additional electrolytes, salt tablets or energy to your drink mix. You are getting a lot more ingredients per sip than most hydration drinks out there and we still managed to stay affordable.

We use 500ml measures making any dosage adjustments easier to work out even for those odd-sized drink bottles. The colour is light and from natural fruit. That means less stains when spilt but you can still see which flavour is in the bottle.

Helping You Be Your Best

Your nutrition is just as important as your training. Those long hard hours of training need to be fuelled by something. Race day will require some nourishment to keep you going and helping you perform your best.

Our carb energy drink mixes are designed to support you should you decide to push just that little bit harder for longer. When you increase your intensity you need the right fuel to sustain it.

Our carb energy drink mix ticks those boxes. Oh, and it doubles up as a basic recovery drink too if you need it.

Not Tested on Animals.... Just a Few Wannabe Athletes

We had a few athletes around the globe be part of our testing group. They tested the energy drink mix during triathlons, cycling, obstacle racing, marathons, ultras and intermittent sports such as football, tennis and rugby.

We got their feedback, made the changes and the final product is ready for you to grab, try and share. We'd love to hear your feedback too to help develop our products for you.