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Super Light 750ml Water Bottle

Super Light 750ml Water Bottle

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Super Light 750ml Water bottle

One of the lightest bottles out there - try for yourself!

Water Bottle Material

We reduced the amount of plastic material used around 30% so the bottle could be light but still hold its structure. You get a strong flow of liquid with a light squeeze, saving you energy and frustration when you get near the end of your fluids.

We used an odourless, soft, resistant and BPA-free plastic material.

Water Bottle Design

We went with a clear bottle so you can see at any time how much fluids are left in the bottle. This will help you plan your hydration strategy whether on the fly or for the next water stop.

Bottles can get mouldy even when well looked after. With a clear bottle, it’s easier to see when it’s time for replacement. Yes, please replace them when they get mould - mould is not great for your health.

There is also an indent at the upper border of the bottle to make it easier to grab when it’s in the cage or run pack.

Valve Design and Fluid Flow

We chose a quick pull and push mouthpiece to maximise ease of use. Just bite, pull and squeeze.

You’ll notice you get a good flow of liquid thanks to minimal valve flow obstruction with a wider valve opening.

We understand how some of you can get attached to your bottles and as we hadn’t quite figured out how to develop a self-cleaning bottle just yet, we did however design the valve, so it is super easy to clean. 

Water Bottle Handling

The bottle is smooth along the body cylinder, making it easy to insert and extract from the cage or run pack when on the go. This way, you can stay focused on what’s ahead than trying to wrestle the bottle for a drink.